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When I was curating the Little Chatter range of Busy Boxes, I knew I wanted it to feature a range of beautiful rattles.  Rattles are a real stalwart of the toy industry and generation after generation of children have played with them.  But there's a reason why: children love to make noise! And lots of it!

So I searched for a modern twist on the traditional rattle and I found Pebble Child...

Pebble products are made by Hathay Bunano (which means hand made or hand knitted in Bangla).  It's a non-profit, fair trade organisation based in Bangladesh where it offers women living in rural areas a unique opportunity for fairly paid, local employment.  Without the investment and empowerment of Hathay Bunano, these women would be facing challenges no family should face: poverty and deprivation.  

Hathay Bunano has taught thousands of women how to knit, and knit they do!  The rattles created for Pebble Child are BEAUTIFUL.  Full of vibrant colours, contemporary designs and individual concepts.  Hathay Bunano calls the lovely ladies it employs 'artisans' and there is no other way to describe them based on the amazing standard of the work they produce.

I opted for three different Pebble Child products: one to feature in each of the three Little Chatter Busy Boxes I have created.  For age 6 months +, there's the Pixie Ring Rattle, which is perfect for babies learning to grasp.  For age 18 months +, there's a Vegetable Rattle (either carrot or radish), which is ideal for toddlers who are developing their motor skills and will love the fun design of the vegetables.  For age 3 years +, there's a Rattle Ball, which is a great toy for pre-schoolers to play with to develop hand-eye co-ordination.  I think these products sit perfectly with the bright, fresh aesthetic of The Busy Box Company and help to create an engaging, noisy box of loveliness for you to enjoy with your Little Chatter.

What I really love about this brand and their products is that they aim to bring a smile to parents and children, both by creating fun toys that children will love playing with and by letting parents know that their toy of choice is helping to create a more secure future for the Hathay Bunano women and their families in Bangladesh.  

Don't forget to tag me in pictures of your Busy Baby playing with their Busy Box and I'll share them so Pebble Child can see the smiles :)