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Homemade Sensory Shakers

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Making homemade shakers

I'm a closet fan of crafting (when I get the time!).  I find a craft project really therapeutic and love having one-offs around our house.  Since George arrived I've done a couple of G-related crafts - picking less time intensive projects, obviously!

A great crafty activity, which I found super easy (and super cheap) and is fun to get toddlers involved with, is homemade shakers.  We are still playing with ours now, over a year after we made them.

Back when I was on maternity leave I saw the idea on Pinterest and invited some friends and their littlies over to have a go at making our own.  We made two different types: sound shakers and water shakers.  

If you fancy having a go this is how we made them....

You will need:

  1. empty, clean and dry water bottles ( I opted for clear plastic but you could use coloured bottles)
  2. for water shakers: glitter, pom poms of different colours and sizes, mini dice
  3. for sound shakers: mini bells, glitter, feathers, buttons, dried pulses (I used bulgar wheat because it was in my cupboard and needed using up but rice or pasta would work just as well)
  4. non-toxic glue
  5. ribbons of different colours and widths

For the water shakers, fill your bottle about 1/4 full with your chosen contents.  I opted for pastel coloured pom poms and silver glitter - the idea is to make an interesting mixture of things that float. Top your bottle up until it's nearly full with water.

For the sound shakers, I used a mixture of things that make lots of noise (bells, buttons, dried bulgar wheat etc) and bright coloured extras (feathers, glitter, pom poms etc) to give the shaker visual appeal too.  Fill your bottle about half full with your chosen contents.

Before glueing the lids onto the bottles, I put a hole in each bottle top using a screw driver and tied a mixture of ribbons through it.

If you have a go at making one, I'd love to see a picture so give me a tag @thebusyboxcompany!