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When we were expecting George, so many parents said to us that you just can’t describe the feeling of becoming a parent.  I didn't understand that until George arrived.  I think it feels different for every parent but, for me, becoming a mum felt like the biggest mix of love, excitement, anxiety, total joy, fear and responsibility.

The huge sense of responsibility was the surprising one for me.  Every day I think about the choices and decisions we are making for and about George.  I also think about the choices and decisions that we are making about our lives and the impact they will have on the world G grows up in,

So when it came to choosing brands to work with for The Busy Box Company, I knew I wanted to pick brand partners that were socially responsible, environmentally friendly and as safe for children as possible.  The other biggie was finding toy makers who are really switched on when it comes to knowing children and helping them learn through play. Enter PlanToys....

PlanToys products have a really gorgeous, wholesome feel to them.  When you play with them you can tell that they are good quality toys.  What you might not realise is that they are super baby and planet friendly too.

The toys are made from natural rubber trees and PlanWood (a high quality and safe material) to ensure that the production process is as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible,  PlanToys don’t stop at the materials they use, the manufacturing process is also sustainable.  The PlanToys factory in Thailand is powered by a biomass generator fuelled by surplus wood pieces from the production line.  PlanToys are proud to be a Carbon Neutral company – each year planting over 9,000 trees to help absorb over 2.7 million kg of CO2.  Amazing credentials for a toy maker!

To make sure the toys are safe for little ones, PlanToys are made using non-formaldehyde glue (instead of traditional toxic wood glue), organic colour pigment and water based dyes (instead of chemical dyes which contain lead and other heavy metals).  I've found this so reassuring when I watch George playing with his PlanToys toys, having seen the amount of time he has spent chewing things!

Finally, PlanToys  really know how to make fun and engaging age-appropriate toys.  Traditional toys are given a modern, stylish twist and the toy makers are constantly developing new toy concepts too, to aid every stage of our childrens’ development.  Making PlanToys 100% perfect to feature in my Busy Boxes.  And they feature in nearly all of them...