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Homemade Christmas Cards

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Last year we received some AMAZING homemade Christmas cards - handprint robins, a whole family of reindeer made up of family thumb prints, beautiful photo cards - I loved them!  So much thought and effort winging it's way through the post to the Watson household.  That creativity got me thinking...

Homemade Christmas cards are a great idea (especially appreciated by grannies, aunties and besties, I've noticed) and are a really fun activity to do with little ones but sometimes it's not easy to find the time to do these things! Especially if you have to spend three hours on Pinterest coming up with ideas and two hours in Poundland searching for crafting materials.  So when I was researching ideas to include in my Christmas Busy Box, I thought a homemade Christmas card pack would be the perfect afternoon activity to sit alongside a festive book, handmade tree decoration and Christmassy alphabet flashcards.

Inside each Christmas card pack you'll find:

  • 6 white cards made from recycled paper (each of the cards comes ready stamped with beautiful gold lettering)
  • 6 ruby red envelopes
  • 1 x 150ml paint (either red, yellow, blue or green)
  • 6 x felted pom poms in a variety of colours

The design is super simple and looks so cute when it's finished: a little, cosy bobble hat made out of a chubby little thumb print.


To make the cards:

  1. Lie out the cards ready (make sure to cover your table/little ones clothes) and squeeze some of the paint into a shallow container (I used a jam jar lid).
  2. Get your little one to put their thumb into the paint.  
  3. Print a thumb print onto the card.  I put the thumb print in the centre above the lettering.
  4. Stick a pom pom into the wet paint at the top (the acrylic paint should act as an adhesive but if not just use some PVA to stick it down). Job done!
  5. Leave to dry before handwriting a message inside.
  6. Post out to 6 special people!