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Let's Talk About Play!

Parenting, Interactive play, Creative playHannah WatsonComment

At the centre of The Busy Box Company concept is one idea: making playtime fun, engaging educational and, really importantly, easy.

I have been a busy stay at home mum and now I am a busy working mum.  The demands on my time and energy are different but it all comes back to the same thing: I want to give George the very best start in life.  Cooking homemade teas (for him to throw on the floor, obviously); being home for bath time; providing a happy, fun home to grow up in.  These are some of the things that I try my hardest to do for him.  The problem is, sometimes life gets in the way...  sometimes it's chips for tea.

As a modern mum (or dad), it's oh so easy to fall into the 'mummy guilt' trap (is that a thing for men?!).  Looking at picture perfect lives on Instagram and filtered photographs, it's impossible not to compare.  I know I do.  And I worry.  About EVERYTHING.  Especially when it comes to George.  Which brings me right back to the focus of The Busy Box Company: making it easier for busy mums to create amazing playtime.  Packing up playtime in a box so that on a rainy afternoon, or during Witching Hour, or when you just want some lovely, quality time with your small, you've got it covered.  No guilt (each box is designed for learning through play), no hassle (I've done all the research), no prep (it's all ready to go!).  

I started by spending a really long time researching ideas for the learning themes that form the foundation of each box.  Topics that are simple, interesting and engaging.  Then I hunted out the most amazing, unique brands to work with to pack each Busy Box with high quality, durable products.  The final stage was developing the printed material to accompany each box, which explains exactly what's in the box, what playtime could look like and, for added value, suggests little extras you can add in from around your home.

Parenting is not about having ALL THE STUFF, but having the right stuff can certainly make it easier.  What I hope I've done with my online store is put some really good stuff in one place to give modern, busy families loads of interactive, creative play options.  

P.s. If you fancy trying one out, enter 'HELLOYOU' at checkout for 10% off.