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Skiing in Sierra Nevada

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As someone who started skiing in my mid twenties with a massive fear of heights, I think it's fair to say I've been a slow starter on the skiing front.  We've been on ski holidays most years since I first gave it a go and I've always loved the amazing scenery, the apres ski and having an active holiday but this year, for the first time, I actually started to love the skiing. My husband, on the other hand, is a total snow boarding addict.  He will throw himself down any slope and looks (annoyingly) good doing it.  So for different reasons, we've always agreed that we wanted to give George the opportunity to learn to ski from a young age.

Toys for a Two Year Old

Hannah Watson

To celebrate George turning two, we invested in (and were gifted) some amazing new toys and books.  Some of them are from favourite brands who we return to time and time again, some of them are newbies to us and a few are definitely on the lust list for The Busy Box Company in the future!  They have all gone down a storm with Georgie and I thought I'd share them (as I spent lots of time researching and looking for the perfect gifts for a two year old)...

Toys with heart...

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When I was curating the Little Chatter range of Busy Boxes, I knew I wanted it to feature a range of beautiful rattles.  Rattles are a real stalwart of the toy industry and generation after generation of children have played with them.  But there's a reason why: children love to make noise! And lots of it!

So I searched for a modern twist on the traditional rattle and I found Pebble Child...


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When it came to choosing brands to work with for The Busy Box Company, I knew I wanted to pick brand partners that were socially responsible, environmentally friendly and as safe for children as possible.  The other biggie was finding toy makers who are really switched on when it comes to knowing children and helping them learn through play. Enter PlanToys....

Homemade Christmas Cards

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Last year we received some AMAZING homemade Christmas cards - handprint robins, a whole family of reindeer made up of family thumb prints, beautiful photo cards - I loved them!  So much thought and effort winging it's way through the post to the Watson household.  That creativity got me thinking...